Rent vs. Own

Why rent when you can own

Premier Mortgage Group specializes in zero money down or low money down home financing. With little need to put money down (except for the usual closing cost fees) it makes sense to purchase your own home instead of making your landlord rich!

We have programs that can help you- regardless of your credit history or even if you've been turned down by other lenders.

It's time to stop throwing your rent money out the window and start building equity in your own home. Start today with Premier Finance Group and start building real wealth in your new home.

rent vs. own calculator
Rent vs. Own
Would you like to know how you can save by buying a home versus staying in a rental?  This calculator will help you see how you can save over a 5 year period using current mortgage rates.

What are you currently paying in rent each month? $
How much is it increasing each year? (average is 10%)   %
What Price of Home would you like to get? $
What % of the Sales Price can you put down?
What is the property appreciation in your area? (national average is 7%) %
Select an interest rate
Click Calculate and view the results below.

Over five years you would pay   $ in rent.
Over five years you would pay $ in house payments.
But your home would go up in value by $ .
And you would save $ in taxes. 
And pay off $ of the loan, which is equity in the home.
If you take advantage of PFG's Simple Interest Only Loan your monthly payment would only be $ .

THE NET OF PURCHASING VS. RENTING – By buying this home, instead of renting a home, you will make  $ per month, and a total of $ over the next 5 years. 

(*including tax savings, mortgage interest tax deductions, home appreciation, etc..  **For exact tax information, please contact your tax advisor.  This is an estimate only based on current parameters used in rent vs. buy calculator).

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