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Buying a home is a very exciting, and new process. We are here to help you determine how much home you can afford, shop for the best mortgage rates and terms and choose from a variety of mortgage loan programs to make your home financing quick and easy. We offer FHA, VA, Conventional and many niche' loans for your individual or family's lowest payment and best mortgage situation.

When you want to buy your dream home, you need a dependable mortgage lender that you can count on. When purchasing a home it is critical that you use a trusted mortgage partner that knows how to handle your loan approval quickly, so your purchase and sale offer gets approved first! Let us work for you, so you can focus on what you want to do.....getting excited!

We guarantee to make your homebuying experience easy, smooth, fast, and fun. At Premier "Be The Borrower" is our philosophy and daily approach to how we help our customers. That means that we will always put your interests ahead of ours. Your dreams, your needs, and your concerns are what are most important to us. We promise to ensure that we meet or exceed your goals as we have the privilege of helping you achieve your financial dreams!

Popular Mortgage Loan Programs

  • Zero Money Down Mortgage Loans and Low Money Down Mortgage Loans are still available today1
    Finally....a trusted mortgage partnership that allows your home buying dreams come true.
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  • Interest-Only Mortgage Loan Programs are available to help you keep your payments low
    We will help you afford more home and retain the lifestyle you currently enjoy.
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  • Premier...Your First Time Homebuyer Specialist
    Your new home ownership dreams can come true at Premier!
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  • Do you want to compare Renting vs. Owning?
    Let the numbers show you the exact difference with our easy to use Rent vs. Own Mortgage Calculator

    Select our friendly rent vs. own calculator to help show you the real mortgage numbers behind the process. Your annual tax savings combined with property value appreciation will help you compare paying rent vs. owning your own home
         Rent vs. Own Mortgage Calculator

1 Some closing costs may apply. Call for details.

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